Thursday, November 11, 2010

Innovate: Mentor Mothers Have the Answers

It is amazing what volunteers can accomplish when the right people are mobilized for the right task.  For NACWOLA (National Community of Women Living with Aids in Uganda), the right people to help prevent mother to child transmission of HIV are HIV positive mothers.  In a program called Mother 2 Mother created by NACWOLA, women living with HIV& AIDS across Uganda are mobilized to become 'mentor mothers' to pregnant women who are infected with the virus.

A mentor mother meets with an expectant mother to give guidance on preventing mother to child transmission of HIV

As the only organization in Uganda run by HIV+ women for HIV+ women, NACWOLA is uniquely able to design innovative programs that meet women's actual needs.  In the Mother 2 Mother program, volunteer mentors hold community education campaigns, go door to door to meet with pregnant mothers and place themselves at health facilities to serve as role models and provide peer psychosocial support.

Through programs like Mother 2 Mother NACOWLA members live out their motto: "we are not the problem, but part of the solution."

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