Thursday, August 5, 2010

Innovate: No Chicken Wire, No Problem

A chicken coop made out of a mosquito net at Shalom City
Aid agencies in Kenya regularly give out mosquito nets. They don't however give out chicken wire. This is not a problem for Anne, who has found an innovative way to use a mosquito net to meet her chicken containment needs.  In addition to being the head teacher in  the cooperative community of Shalom City in Kenya, she is also contributing to the community's agriculture innovations.
Close up of mosquito net chicken coop
The chickens look quite content in their stylish accommodations.  No doubt Anne has started a trend that will spread throughout the community and to many places beyond through the visitors Africa Rising introduces to Shalom City.  We can't wait to see what Anne comes up with next.
Anne in front of her garden and beside her home in Shalom City

You can learn much more about the amazing community of Shalom City on Africa Rising's website.   

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